2 Effective Prayer Points to Put Into Practice Today 1

2 Effective Prayer Points to Put Into Practice Today

Prayer is the number one way we communicate with God. Would you like to have your prayers more effective though? You can google effective prayer points and find all sorts of posts that share about 10 effective prayer points, or 30 effective prayer points, or even 47 effective prayer points. They are all good to read, however, today, I want to share with you how making two changes in your prayer life that will improve your prayers dramatically.

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If you’ve been reading on my blog before, you know I like to keep Scripture in its context. Let’s do that again.

The Apostle James mentions effective prayer when he wrote to the twelve tribes who were scattered abroad. In James 4:14-16, he tells how to handle those people who are sick. Let’s look at what he said:

  • is anyone sick among you? If so, then let the sick person call for the elders to come and pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord.
  • the prayers of the elders need to express faith that God will heal the sick person
  • the sick person’s sins will be forgiven as well as his body made whole
  • the confession of our sins to each other and praying for each other is part of our healing.
  • the effective fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. This means that his prayers are powerful and accomplishes much.

Effective prayer means they are prayers prayed with faith that God will do what He said He will do. Effective prayers prayed in faith are powerful prayers. Effective prayers will see results in that God will accomplish that which was prayed for.

The main points that James makes for effective prayer are:

  • pray in faith. Do not doubt that what you are praying will happen. If you don’t believe it yourself, then don’t bother praying!
  • anoint the person with oil in the name of Jesus.
  • confess sins or faults to each other as this is part of healing.

These are great points and quite effective in themselves. However, I would like to add some thoughts about two changes that Christians can make in their prayer life that will be powerful for them.

Make 2 Changes for an Effective Prayer Life

I’ve been invited as a guest blogger for my friend, Diane Ferreira who blogs for Worth Beyond Rubies. Let’s check out what the two main points are that I share for Christians to have a powerful, effective prayer life.

Read more in my guest post, Make 2 Changes for a Powerful Prayer Life.

If you’re lovin’ my guest post for Diane, I’d love to hear your comments directly on that post. Did you know that positive comments are encouragement boosters? They’re like a mini multivitamin!

Oh, and once you learn what these two main points are, you can apply them when praying for your marriage, your family, or for your own life. Hey, you can use these two points when praying for anything that you want God to answer!

So, go click on the guest post now!

Thanks for stopping by today! I know you’ll love my post on Diane’s blog!

2 Effective Prayer Points to Put Into Practice Today 2

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