Take the Exciting Challenge to Handwrite Ephesians 2

Take the Exciting Challenge to Handwrite Ephesians

It’s time again for another challenge to handwrite a portion of the Bible. We don’t write out the entire Bible all at once, here at the Friendship Table, but we do take on challenges to handwrite the books of the Bible prior to starting a new study. So, that means we’ll be handwriting Paul’s second Prison Epistle, that is, the book of Ephesians. Will you join us in this exciting challenge?

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Learn the New WordPress Editor | Meet Gutenberg

Have Fun with the New Gutenberg Editor {Part 1}

There’s a new Editor coming in WordPress! Have you heard about it yet? Gutenberg will be moving in with the next major update in WordPress, both for the free dot com sites and for the self-hosted dot org sites. Get ready to have fun with the new features that you can use in the Gutenberg Editor! Spread out across our friendship table is this post that is catering to WordPress dot com bloggers. For those who use a self-hosted site, what I share here should be the same but I’m not 100% sure. My research indicates it is but I have no experience with that as proof. So, follow along and if it works for you as I describe here, please let me know!

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Hone Your Observation Skills in the Book of Jude {Part 1} 3

Hone Your Observation Skills in the Book of Jude {Part 1}

Are you waiting with anticipation to start a new study? I would love to show you how we study the Bible in our study group. So if you’re considering exploring the Inductive Bible Study Method, then the Epistle of Jude is an excellent book, to begin with. It is only 25 verses, short and sweet but packed so powerfully with the truth about Standing in Battle Against False Teachers. We’ll work through this together so you won’t be struggling with how to hone your observation skills in the Book of Jude.

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Why We No Longer Celebrate Halloween 6

Why We No Longer Celebrate Halloween

I gotta tell ya, we no longer celebrate Halloween. We used to, back when we thought it was a harmless activity, a fun thing for the kids, but not any longer. This is a divisive topic, I know, even among believers. We are not experts on this subject but we do know one thing: the Bible. And so, my sister, let me tell you our story of the decision we made. We are not pushing our beliefs on anyone but simply telling you why we no longer celebrate a day that is intended for evil.

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