Christmas Debate | Should Christians Celebrate Christmas | We No Longer Celebrate Christmas

No Compromise about the Christmas Debate

Hello! Come, gather around the table with me. I feel compelled to share something with you and I’m open for discussion on this topic. Are you ready to hear? We don’t celebrate “Christmas.” {gasp} I know! The commercialism, the gift-giving, the parties, none of it. Not even Christmas cards. So, here’s the truth, the real reason why we no longer celebrate Christmas. I think it will surprise you! Are you ready to discuss the Christmas debate? Then grab a cuppa and join in the conversation!

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How the Holy Spirit  Improves Your Life 3

How the Holy Spirit Improves Your Life

Hello and welcome! It is so wonderful to have you gather around this table of friendship today. We are starting a new series called “Holy Spirit: The Third Person of the Trinity.” I’m glad you are here as we look to the Word of God to see what it teaches about how Holy Spirit improves your life. But first, let’s talk about the basics of what we know about Holy Spirit.

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