Can Writing Out the Bible Help Your Faith? 1

Can Writing Out the Bible Help Your Faith?

One of my favourite things to do is to write out the Bible, book by book. I started with writing out themed Scripture challenges and then one day, I sensed the Lord whispering to me to write out whole books of the Bible. Wow! So, now, I am writing out whole books of the Bible and I invite others to join me as we accept the challenge to write them out together.

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What Happens When You are Walking in Truth?

Hey! I’m glad you’re here because we’re back with our final post in our Study on the Pursuit of Holiness series. We talked about pursuing God and learned how to “be holy as I am holy” and then learned more on the truth about holiness that will challenge us. Today’s study is focused on what happens when you are walking in Truth according to the Bible. We’ll cover what it means to walk in the truth and how walking in the truth is part of pursuing God.

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