The ACTS Prayer Model: A Simple Prayer Routine 1

The ACTS Prayer Model: A Simple Prayer Routine

Have you heard of the ACTS Prayer Model before? It isn’t new as it has been around for many years. I used to teach my Sunday School classes how to pray using this simple acrostic. It is so easy to learn that many adults have adopted this method as well. We like “easy”, right?

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A daily visit to the throne room is every woman’s goal but, come on, let’s face it. We sometimes struggle just getting there. And when we do get there, our minds are often filled with other ‘noise’ that prevents us from praying as we should.

To help you out, try this ACTS Prayer Model that will put into perspective the elements of prayer.

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I’ve been invited by Lisa Yvonne from Graceful Abandon to share how to pray effectively using the ACTS Prayer Model. I love Lisa’s blogsite and especially her posts about the Proverbs 31 Woman. I hope you’ll have time to check out what else she writes about!

In the meantime, let’s go read about: Find Time to Pray Effectively: Use the ACTS model over on her blog!

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If you are still looking for particular verses to pray, you may be interested in this free download file as well. Here’s the related post called Powerful Breakthrough Verses to Pray the ACTS Way.   The free file is available to everyone in the Public Library on my blog!

The ACTS Prayer Model: A Simple Prayer Routine 2

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