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My Story, My Calling

Hello and welcome to 215 Ministry blog! Meet Cindy, as I am delighted that you found me!  I hope you will stay for a while as you get to know me a bit and learn why I love to lead women in regular Bible Study.

If you’re curious, the blog name is based on 2 Timothy 2:15. This verse is also our blog’s mandate, as we study the Word of God to grow spiritually in wisdom and understanding.

This blog is for women as we celebrate our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and learn about friendships, both online and in your neighbourhood. As we ‘get real,’ we will learn what the Bible says on various topics relating to our everyday life.

As a born-again believer, I hope you see my faith shine through as I talk about how important it is to stand on the Word of God, no matter what life throws at you.

I am married, the second time around, and my husband and I live on the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada. We moved here in 2013 and absolutely love our new home city.

Every day we are so thankful that of all the places to choose from in this province and even in our country, that God directed us to this specific city. He knew exactly where He wanted us to live!

If you want to find out what happened to my first marriage, this post will share some of those details with you: Expecting Hate but Received Love.

Sowaqua Cr Rd selfie 02

My husband and I love to go “jeeping,” a term we coined for 4x4ing. Have you ever heard anyone else using that term? Not only has our jeep seen many miles on our mountain roads but so has my camera as I need to capture the beauty surrounding us through my lens.

Between us, we have three sons, two living in Ontario and one who lives near us just a few kilometres away.

Here are a few photos from a trip in September 2018.

The Calling

Back in February 1982, I made a decision to get off the fence and follow Jesus. God placed a call on my heart to teach and my first Sunday School class was of grade 1 boys. That was fun and was the beginning of almost three decades teaching in Sunday School and later Children’s Church.

Through those years, I taught all age levels, from Infant/Toddler through to Adults. Teaching led me to the position of Sunday School Superintendent and I even led teacher conferences for our local and area churches.

The LORD God blessed me with a natural ability to teach and though it began in ministry, it extended to the workplace as it became my job to teach all hospital staff and physicians how to use the hospital’s medical software. I even wrote training manuals!

Throughout the early years, I was also involved in Women’s Ministries and led women’s Bible Studies. I loved those early days as I learned so much from the godly women in my church.

I’m retired now, and though I no longer teach children, God has directed me to lead our local Women’s Ministry group and teach women’s Bible studies. He allowed me to use the material that I wrote based on the Inductive Bible Study Method.

As well, I have led the Ladies Prayer group and organized, with a team of three, a women’s conference that was ah-maaaazing!

I love how God’s Word is true and I’m thinking of the verse in Romans, verse 29, “for the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.” (NASB) There is no retirement in the kingdom of God!

The ‘215 Ministry’ Ministry

This brings me to my current blog but first, let’s back up to January 2017. God called me to start a blog which I did, called Go – Gather – Grow. This blog focused on Bible Studies and teaching the Truth of the Word. Can you tell that is my life’s theme?

However, I closed this blog in May 2018 (long story) but in August, God reactivated the desire to blog and gave me the same focus but with an added element. He now wants me to make connections with women across a virtual table. And here we are!

Meet Cindy Barnes and friends studying the Bible together

This blog, 215 Ministry, is designed for you, a place to connect around the table, coffee in hand, with the Bible at one side as we share our faith with each other. I hope that we can encourage each other as we build up our faith in God and have regular Bible study together.

The Bible Studies

Every 215 Ministry friendship needs to include the Word of God, do you agree? We need to base our faith in Him and we can do that best by including Bible Study.

Our primary focus is in teaching and learning via the Inductive Bible Study Method as taught by Precept Ministries.

If you would like to learn what the Inductive Study Method is about, this post will help explain it: 3 Elements of the Inductive Study Method.

Would you like to have a practice run at this study method? These posts on the Book of Jude will help you with work through the steps:

As I present studies for you to read, I pray that you will desire to seek God in a deeper way.

One of the newest study guides we have introduced is called “Study in a Nutshell ~ Quick Study”. These are similar to panoramic views of whole books or sections of books. You’ll find these stored in the Public Library.

In addition to the types of Bible Studies, you’ll also see the Bible Reading Plan and Writing Plan options. Let me tell you about them.

The Bible Reading Plan

God birthed in me a desire to provide busy women with a Bible reading plan that they could accomplish every day. It had to be provided in small chunks because busy women don’t have time to read five to ten chapters each day but yet they desire to read through the whole Bible. Thus, the Small Chunks Bible Reading Plan was born.

This Plan is delivered straight to your email Inbox once per week for six weeks. At the end of six weeks, you will have received 6-Volumes that contain

  • the Bible reading plan that covers 26 weeks
  • beautifully designed journal pages to capture your thoughts and prayers as you read
  • a set of bookmarks or cards (prayer or praise or scripture memory)
  • posters, suitable for framing

You can read more about Small Chunks in this post.

The Writing Plan

I love how God fashions this blog to be His plan. When I started blogging, it was going to be only for making connections with women and studying the Bible. But He knocked down one wall and made room for including the writing of His Word.

This isn’t just writing verses pertaining to a theme, though those are great writing plans, He directed me to write out whole books of the Bible! Since we started doing this in my DIG Bible Study Community on my private social network, it has really taken off. There are so many women who desire to draw closer to God through the simple act of writing out His Word.

This post will explain more about why we should handwrite the Bible.

Here’s what one woman said about her first experience in writing out the Word:

This is my first time of writing book of the Bible. And just for two days and I am always looking forward to it. The word of God is life and as I write I could feel the life seeping into me. The words come alive and things I’d have not seen by mere reading I see and understand them when writing. Normally I read a verse from a whole chapter but now looking at the whole chapter helps me put the verses in context. So I know why this said that and so on. For me, it’s like I am writing the book afresh with the author and it helps me pray because I see things I need to pray into my life. — Ebos

If this sounds like something you would like to be involved in, read how you can do that, below, in the DIG Bible Study Community.

DIG Bible Study Community

I know you desire to have a deeper understanding of the Bible. I also know that there are times when it is a struggle just to get it done.

If you’d like, you are welcome to join us over on my private social network called DIG Bible Study Community. We focus on learning the Inductive Study Method (IBSM) with the step by step approach in my personally written Study Guides. Once you become a member, you will have access to the free Private Library that contains Study Guides and other study-related material.

Oh! Before I forget, did you know we also have Bible Book Writing Challenges? Everyone who has participated, LOVES them!

It’s quite easy as membership also gives you access to the Writing Plans where we follow my plan for writing out whole Bible books.

Generally, they are scheduled to preface the next Bible Study. For example, when we studied the book of Habakkuk, we wrote out the whole book over five days then the following week, we began the Study Guide. As I said, everyone loves writing out the Scriptures!

There are several women who only participate in the Writing Challenges, so, if that’s what you would like to do, you can!  I know that you’re busy with other studies and can’t take on another one but writing out the Scriptures would be a total blessing to you! This post talks about why we should handwrite the Bible.

Have you thought about it? Why not join us now? We’d love to meet you in the DIG Bible Study Community.

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May you sense His Presence with you today!

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