Faith and Trust in God: An Adoption Story of Surrendered Hearts 1

Faith and Trust in God: An Adoption Story of Surrendered Hearts

Hi! I am so glad you are here sitting with me at our friendship table! It’s an exciting day as we review a brand new book written by Lori Schumacher. You may have heard of it or read other book reviews but I’d love to share my perspective on this amazing story of faith and trust in God who makes all things possible. Surrendered hearts, what do you think about when you hear those words? Lori’s story will reveal what it means to her family.

Surrendered Hearts Book Review of a beautiful love story between Lori and Selah and God

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Did you know that I am also an adoptive mother? We waited nine long years, from the time we first went to apply til the time we received that phone call. It was a very long wait. Bureaucracy is not fun. The rules for the waiting period changed three times before we could finally submit an application. Then a six-year wait after that til that wonderful day when we became parents. But this isn’t my story, this is Lori’s story that I want to share with you today.

Lori’s new book, Surrendered Hearts, is a story of a mother whose heart felt like there was something missing, rather, someone missing. God began to prepare Lori for the person who would take hold of her heart, would grab her in such a way that only a mother could understand. The journey began. With compassion in her heart, God cleared the way for her to search for the one who would captivate her.

This search didn’t happen overnight. It was a process as both Bryan and Lori accepted the call that God was placing on their hearts and in their lives. Through a series of events and discussions with other people, Lori found herself using All God’s Children International as their adoption agency. And the search began.

Have you ever had a feeling that you know that you know and nothing can shake it? Lori is well familiar with that. She experienced it when she was looking through photos of children available for adoption. She saw the face of the one who would captivate her, whose image would fill her mind, who she needed to meet.

But things didn’t always go smoothly as it never does when bureaucracy, especially international bureaucracy, is involved.

James said it best in his book, 1:3-4:

Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience. But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing. (KJV)

Faith and Trust in God

This is exactly what Lori and Bryan learned first hand as their faith in God deepened and their trust level increased. Oh, it wasn’t easy as she bares her soul to God and to her readers. There were times when she was quite upset with God. But can you imagine what it was like? Waiting, waiting, your hope increases, your hopes are dashed. And more waiting? And through it all, God is there.

Here is a quote from the book:

I had no idea how well versed I would become at patient endurance, steadfast faith, and the absolute surrender of my own ideals. Nor did I know how much I would learn about the great art of waiting. ~ Lori Schumaker. Surrendered Hearts

The adoption process isn’t easy as there is much work to do, especially for international adoptions. Through Lori’s story, you will learn the importance of letting God prepare you and work through you as you are tempered like fine steel, or is it fine gold?

As I read Surrendered Hearts through teary eyes, I saw how faith and trust in God can move mountains. I saw how the whole family ~ mother, father and both sons ~ were involved in this process from the beginning. I saw how they loved the little girl in the picture. I saw how their faith grew through each waiting period. I saw how God is faithful to those whose trust is in Him. I saw God move mountains to make it happen, the very thing He said He would do when we place our faith and trust in Him.

God is mighty, is powerful, is all-knowing, all-caring, and everywhere at once. There is nothing hid from God. And when God sets a plan in motion for your life, no matter how many upsets there may be along the way, you need to continue to be steadfast and trust in Him to keep His word. He is faithful and will do that which He promises.

Another quote from the book is this,


Surrendered Hearts, Available Now

I don’t want to give away the book’s ending but I’m sure you can guess that it is happy. You’ll need to buy a copy so you can see exactly how God worked out the details. How, after all the waiting, God displayed His faithfulness. And even in the waiting, God is faithful. It really is amazing!

You can order your copy here. Book, Surrendered Hearts, Amazon order desk. {This is not an affiliate link.} Or you can click the image below.

Surrendered Hearts is available for ordering now.

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Do you know someone who is in the adoption process? Maybe you can bless her with some free download resources that Lori designed.

Surrendered Hearts bonus resources for the adoptive family

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Click this link to download the free resources as it will take you to Lori’s blog where you will find the list on the sidebar. You can download any of the resources that appeal to you.

Wrapping Up

How do you feel about adoption? Is it close to your heart, like it is for me? Are you adopted or do you know of someone who needs encouragement in the adoption process? I hope that as you read Lori’s story, you will see adoption in a whole new light!

Let me know what you think about today’s topic at our friendship table. I’d love to hear from you.

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4 thoughts on “Faith and Trust in God: An Adoption Story of Surrendered Hearts

  1. “And even in the waiting, God is faithful” is a powerful statement! The waiting of a promise shakes the foundation of our faith This sounds like a wonderful book and awesome story of faith. I love the way God uses even in the trials and waits of life so that we will be lacking nothing!

    • Cindy

      I know, Chris. So many families have wanted and are wanting to adopt a child into their families and yet the availability of children is low. How very sad for our nations. God is not pleased with us. Thanks for reading this Chris!

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