What is the Big Deal about Bible Study?

What’s the Big Deal about Bible Study?

The Bible. The world’s best selling book of all time. What is it all about and why it is important to study it? Let me help you understand, even a bit, why it is important for Christians to have a regular Bible study.

Let’s just jump right into this. Bible study is important for Christians. The Bible is your manual, the book that guides you and teaches you right from wrong. So let’s learn why we should study the Bible.

Studying the Bible is a big deal. Let's talk about the why and the benefits of regular Bible study.
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As a believer, you won’t get too far in your spiritual walk without opening the pages of your Bible to read it. Without knowing what it says, you’ll more than likely make some major faux pas without realizing it.

The Benefits of Regular Bible Study

Let’s look at the benefits of regularly studying your Bible. And, we’ll also look at the “Why” of studying as well. But, we’ll do that over on Mandy’s blog, Mandy and Michele, where I was invited as her guest. Thank you, Mandy, for letting me share the Word with your readers!

Let’s head over to Mandy’s place to read the 5 reasons to study the Bible and also 8 benefits of regular Bible study.

Leave a comment for me on her blog and I’ll be sure to answer it!

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