3 Elements of Inductive Study 3

3 Elements of Inductive Study

Do you desire to dig deep in the Word of God but not quite sure how? Have you heard of the Inductive Bible Study Method (IBSM)? I have been using this method for over ten years now and absolutely love it!  This post will teach you the three elements of inductive study. You, too, can study deep using the Inductive Study Method! Before we read the details, do you have your coffee in hand? You won’t need your Bible at this point…

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Why We Should Handwrite the Bible 4

Why We Should Handwrite the Bible

The scribes have been handwriting the Word of God for thousands of years. I can just imagine what it must have been like to carefully write out the words as they were inspired by the Holy Spirit. So, with all the hard copies and digital versions of the Bible available today, why should we handwrite the Bible ourselves?

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