Faith in the Face of Cancer {part 2} 1

Faith in the Face of Cancer {part 2}

Welcome back to our table of friendship, the place where women meet to have honest conversations. Today, my guest is Corinna as she continues to share her testimony of faith in the face of cancer.

Corinna shared the first part of their testimony last time she visited and if you missed that, you can catch it here, Faith, Cancer and Trust in God. So, like last time, I have some questions for her as she tells us their story.

Facing Cancer Head On with Faith and Trust in God

Clinical Trial Treatments

Can you share with us, a day in the life of Paul and Corinna, as you would go for his cancer treatment?


Treatments at first were very intimidating. Where to go, what to expect, side effects, so many places to be. Lab tests, specialist, Clinical Trial Doctors, Trial nurses, and lots of needles, something Paul was never good with until now.

As always, God gave him grace. Grace to endure three surgeries including a complete neck dissection and removal of 31 lymph nodes. The incision went from under his earlobe to his trachea. Talk about needing to be strong and courageous!

After the surgery, he was able to turn down every offer for pain medication as he said, “The Lord blessed him as he did not have any pain.”

Our new routine involved an overnight visit for each treatment every other week. The first day consisted of a lab test, Clinical Trial Doctor and nurse visits, and exams were required upon each visit to be approved for the infusion of the Immunotherapy the following day.

Chemotherapy doesn’t work on Melanoma so stimulating his immune system to kill off any cancer cells was his best chance of survival according to the medical team. We are so thankful to have complete trust in Jesus Christ, the Great Physician! It is He who gives us the strength to have faith in the face of cancer.

We quickly learned the new routine and initially, Paul tolerated the treatments with very little side effects. This gave us free time between appointments, so we became tourists, checking out fun things to do in the city.

Trusting God for Healing of Cancer | Enjoying Life While God Performs a Miracle #miracles #trustinGod #faith #healing #cancer

Paul having fun as a tourist

I promised Paul that unless I was sick and a risk to patients I would always be by his side during his treatments. He asked me once if it was a burden to go with him to all of his medical appointments and I replied with complete honesty that it was an honour to be with him. It has never felt like a burden. Any time we are together, no matter where we are is precious time shared.

Treatment Socks

On a more positive note, while Paul received the IV infusion he would usually nap so I would use that time to write updates and share my feelings with my family and friends on social media. It was much easier to post one social media update for all to read than answer each person individually. He had a lot of caring people inquiring and I quickly learned this was the best and fastest way to communicate an update.

One day as I was writing an update, I paused and looked at him laying back in the recliner chair sleeping as the IV dripped this life-saving medication into his veins. I noticed his colourful socks which made me smile.

I snapped a picture of his socks and I started posting a picture of his fancy socks with each treatment update. I thought it might take the edge off of the seriousness of each update and hoped it would make everyone else smile just as it did me that first day.

My husband is a snappy dresser and he just loves colourful socks. I decided as a way to keep him cheerful I would buy him a new pair of fancy socks for each treatment. Kind of a “good patient reward,” LOL!

Cancer | Testimony of Faith | Trusting God for Healing | Joy in the midst of Adversity

Paul’s fancy socks

He loved his new socks and before long friends and family were commenting on those wonderful socks!

“Treatment socks” just kinda took off and made Paul smile in spite of his circumstances. Pretty soon doctors and nurses were even commenting and complimenting Paul’s socks! Don’t you just love how little treasures can be found in the smallest things, especially during adversity?

A Doctor of Faith

Another encouragement during a particularly challenging time was during one of Paul’s periodic scans. The doctors thought Paul may have disease progression and ordered a lung biopsy. We were at the hospital waiting for the procedure when the doctor overheard the nurses asking Paul questions during the registration process about his former occupations. Paul mentioned that he was a pastor.

When we were alone with the doctor, he inquired about Paul Pastoring. Paul asked the doctor if he was a Christian. The doctor said yes, so Paul asked the doctor if he prayed before he did surgery. The doctor responded by raising his hands and saying “these hands are dedicated to the Lord and will be directed by him today.”  How awesome is that! Only God could arrange this!

Paul and I looked at each other and literally our eyes began to fill with tears of joy! You could feel the Lord’s presence in the room. A reminder that the Lord was near and brought us great peace. Fortunately, it was not disease progression at that time but another side effect from treatment. For the rest of our lives, this is our reality to watch and be vigilant.

Walking in Faith in the Face of Cancer

So now here we are, just past one year since Paul was first diagnosed.  His side effects have become more concerning, and we are waiting for the results of his latest scans.  This is never an easy time. So we continue to walk in faith and to trust our Heavenly Father with our very lives. He holds us in the palm of His hands as we continue to have faith in the face of cancer.

One day we will all be called home. Meanwhile, we will choose to live our abundant life one day at a time.


Your testimony is a great encouragement to us as we see the hand of God in both your lives. If you could have a heart to heart talk with anyone, what would you want to tell them?


Challenges and adversity are a part of life. It’s how we handle them that can make a difference between fear and peace. One Scripture that stood out for me was in Luke 12:25-31 which is about Jesus teaching that worrying about things cannot change anything. God knows the things we need and will look after us but first, we are to chase after the kingdom of God and then He will supply the things we need.


This is so true! If we trust God, we can hold on to our peace. It is true what they say, that trials and adversity can bring you closer to God if you press into Him. That’s the key right there, choosing to trust God and press in like never before, especially in the hard times.

Victory in Jesus!

Thank you for sharing your story with us. I know you have a wonderful support team as your friends lift you both up in prayer. You are a blessing to me and a source of encouragement to live each day to the fullest. And you both do a great job of that! Before we go, has another thought crossed your mind that you would like to share?


In times of trial, your faith can grow tremendously. You can find a deeper meaning and appreciation of life.

Illness drew us closer to our Lord, each other and our loved ones.

Paul recently shared with a neighbour that Jesus is still the “Great Physician,” modern medicine cannot always predict an outcome because God can intervene at any time. Our hearts are at peace because we both know that Paul and I will be here until God calls us home someday.

There were so many more miracles that I could share but it would have taken chapters in a book to recount all of them. However, I hope my story is an encouragement to anyone reading this who is going through a trial of their own. Here are three points to lean on:

  • remember God is near.
  • press into Him.
  • God still sits on the throne.

Philippians 4:13 tells us  I can do all this through him who gives me strength.” (NIV) Lean on Him and you’ll find this to be true in your life too!

There is one final thing I would like to share and that is that as of now, Paul has no evidence of disease so we are declaring healing! He is cancer-free though he does have to be monitored for the rest of his life!

We give God all the glory, all the honour and all the praises for this victory! Praise His Holy Name!

— Love, Corinna

That’s a Wrap

Wow, what a story of God’s favour on your lives! Thank you, Corinna, for coming back this week to continue sharing your amazing story. I’m glad to know that the Clinical Trial treatment has done its job and Paul is free of cancer! We shall continue to pray for him as the enemy often comes to steal what the Lord has given to us.

If you are encouraged by Corinna’s testimony, please leave a comment here and I’ll be sure to pass it on to her!

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Faith in the Face of Cancer {part 2} 2

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  2. Donna Hemming

    Corinna thanks again for sharing your wonderful story of God’s grace and sharing your faith and giving so much encouragement to others who may be facing a major trial. God’s blessings on you both as you stand firm in your convictions!

  3. Wow, what a testimony. God is awesome! God showed Himself mighty at every corner for you both. It is such a blessing that you too were able to be tourists while waiting on the Lord for Paul’s healing. I love how you took the edge off with colors socks. I could imagine how helpful that was to your family and friends.You should definitely put it in a book 🙂

  4. Karen Jongenelen

    Praise the Lord for he is good! Wonderful part 2. Thank you for sharing their encouraging story. Very uplifting. We have an awesome God! Many blessings to Corinna and Paul for their faith.

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