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Girl, Study Your Bible!

Girl, study your Bible … because it’s not enough to own a Bible when its pages are closed. Take your Bible off the shelf and open it. Read it, write it, study it, pray it, and do it. The Scriptures are the inspired Word of God and you need to know what is in it!

This is in response to “Girl, Stop Apologizing” and “Girl, Wash Your Face.”

I’m saying, Girl, study your Bible.

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This post is about the need for women to study the Word of God. Too many books are written, messages are preached, and words fly over the internet, that don’t have a solid Biblical footing.

It’s imperative that you study your Bible. How else will you know if what you hear is accurate? That it actually exists in the Bible? Or, for that matter, was even translated correctly?

Rachel Hollis Books…

If you are not familiar with two books written by Rachel Hollis, then these two posts by my blogger friend, Lisa Yvonne from Graceful Abandon, will be a big help. She has reviewed both books while I have not.

You can read her posts, as she gives an excellent review of these books:

As for my post, I feel quite strongly to respond to why you should study your Bible. I woke up one morning with these words flowing through my mind and had to write them down quickly. These are Holy Spirit words to encourage you to study your Bible, to know it so you won’t be duped by a false gospel.

Why You Should Study Your Bible

The Word is Living, its Truth unchanging, its Wisdom unfailing and its Love is prevailing.

If you don’t study your Bible, how will you know?

How else will you know that God is for you and not against you? That God planned you before He created the world? That you are special and worth far more than you can imagine?

How else will you know that the God of the universe, the Creator, knew you would need to be redeemed? That your sins would cost His Son, Jesus, His life?

How else will you know of the depths of Jesus’ love for you if you don’t know what is in the Bible? Jesus paid a great price for you as He hung on the cross to redeem you from the wages of sin which is spiritual death.

Jesus, not just a man, but the Son of God, died for you. His blood avails much. His blood provides you with eternal life. There is power in the blood of Jesus!

How else will you know that if you don’t study your Bible?

How Will You Know?

The Word of God, the Scriptures, teaches you that you are a sinner in need of salvation. How else will you know that you need redemption, that God will forgive you when you repent?

How else will you know that God uses the weak to confound the wise? That your steps are ordered by God and that when you delight in serving God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength, that He will give you the desires of your heart?

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How else will you know that denying yourself is living for God? That walking in the light is right and running in the darkness leads to destruction?

How else will you know that you won’t always get your own way but that God’s way, His plans, His thoughts are much higher than yours? How else will you know that obedience to God, putting Him first and desiring His will, His way and His timing will reap the biggest rewards for you?

If you don’t study your Bible, how else will you know all that?

How else will you know that God has plans for you that dying to self means giving up your right to be first, to be the best and to always be right? Dying to self means living for Christ and gaining eternal life.

How else will you know if you don’t study your Bible?

Your Enemy Seeks to Destroy You

How else will you know that there is one whose mission is to destroy you? He desires you, all right, but not for the same reasons that you think.

He desires to steal everything from you, your health, your peace of mind, your joy in the Lord, your job, your family, everything you own. His mission is to roam about seeking whom he may devour, whom he may kill, whom he may destroy. He is the father of lies and is a liar who whispers lies in your ears. His name is Satan, Lucifer, or the Devil.

Girl, don’t listen to him! He is doomed. Don’t follow him!

Girl, how else will you know that if you don’t study your Bible? How will you know to suit up in the armour that God provides and stand your ground? Did you know that God will equip you to do battle in the spiritual realm against a very real enemy?

A photo of a woman looking down at her Bible in her hands with text overlay of Girl, Study Your Bible!

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How will you know that greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world? That God is great, the devil is a loser and you have eternal life in heaven with God? How will you know that God, who is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, resides in you when He redeemed you, will fight for you?

Study to Know for Yourself

How else will you know these things and so much more if you don’t study your Bible?

Girl, study your Bible so you know for yourself what it says. You will know who you are in Christ, who you serve and why you serve Him. Your desire will be for God and not yourself.

That doesn’t mean you won’t have trials or temptations, or problems or health issues. Through all these things you will gain patience, you will gain a greater understanding of the Word and you will learn to trust God with everything you have within you.

Seek wisdom, gain understanding and stand strong in the Lord because your steps are ordered by God.

You will know all this and more, Girl, when you study your Bible!

Join a Bible Study Group

It’s so important to know what the Bible says. You need to be aware of the little and sometimes subtle differences between truth and twisted truth. The only way, dear sister, to know the differences, is to study the Bible for yourself.

I hope this has sparked a desire in you to open your Bible and start reading. If you need help with a Bible study, there are many online Bible studies available. The same with Facebook groups.

However, if you’d like to learn how to study your Bible using the Inductive Bible Study Method, you’re welcome to join my study community. We’re on my private network called DIG Bible Study Community. Click the link to join us.

You can read more about Bible study or Bible writing in these posts:

These next three posts will walk you through the Book of Jude as you learn the Inductive Study Method. Give them a try first to see if you like it!

That’s a Wrap

Well, sweet sister, I hope this has been encouraging for you to study your Bible. Maybe it has even challenged you!

And don’t forget to go over to Lisa’s site to read her posts if you haven’t already:

I’d love to hear your thoughts so please drop me a line or two!

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12 thoughts on “Girl, Study Your Bible!

    • Cindy

      We must all look to God’s Truth for our answers. His Word is alive and never changing, yet, fresh each day! Thanks for reading and I’m glad to point women to read your posts, Lisa!

  1. These truths excite me! This post is an excellent compliment to the one I posted last week, focusing on what the Bible says about itself (20 Exciting Reasons to Read the Bible). When I read God’s Word, something happens in my heart. It affects me. Changes me. Shapes me. It has power that impacts my life. Thank you for encouraging us to study the Bible for ourselves – there’s really no substitute for getting into God’s Word for yourself.

    • Cindy

      I’m so glad these truths ignite excitement in you, Jana! (Love your name, btw) I’d love to read your post that you mentioned. Please link it here!

    • Cindy

      Yes, I love that! That’s the focus of my blog…The Word – Read it. Write it. Study it! Thanks for stopping by today, Lauren!

  2. Reading books is great, listening to sermons and podcasts is awesome but nothing replaces the study of the word that we do ourselves. We need to get our own revelation of the word. This is such a great reminder, thank you for sharing!

    • Cindy

      Yes, those other things are good but as you said, nothing replaces the study of the Bible for yourself. Thanks for stopping by today, Carolina!

  3. This is a great post! There are lots of helpful books out there but we really need to get into the Bible for ourselves to read God’s Word directly. So important as well, as you say, to consider whether other books we reach match up with what the Bible says.

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