How to Trust God No Matter What Happens 1

How to Trust God No Matter What Happens

It’s vital to trust God no matter what happens in life. We’re living in difficult times, that’s for sure.

Look around you, there are people living in fear of the unknown and because of this fear, they are doing things that are uncharacteristic of them. Sisters, I say this to you, that we need to trust God no matter what happens.

How to Trust God No Matter What Happens

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You may find it difficult to place your trust in Someone you do not know.

Or maybe you know Him, but you are not trusting Him completely, yet. If this is you, maybe you’d like to read these 21 Bible Verses for Trusting God in Difficult Time.

Why Trust God No Matter What Happens?

It’s important that we learn to trust God no matter what happens around us. Whether the world seems topsy-turvy or whether your own world is experiencing tough times. Trusting God is paramount to getting through to the victory on the other side of difficulty.

The Bible records hundreds of events when the Israelites trusted God in difficult times. They achieved victory after victory when they put their complete trust in God.

When the Israelites let fear rule over them they lost the victory. I’m thinking of the time the 12 spies cased out the land of Canaan and 10 of the spies reported of the obstacles in the way that caused the people to cower in fear.

Who are you listening to? Are you hearing the reports of men who are saying you can’t do it? Or, are you listening to the Words of God who says that “greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world?”

Trust God no matter what happens around you. Be like Caleb and Joshua who were the two spies who said they could take the country of Canaan.

They had a good report and knew that they would win the victory because God said He had given them the land. God made a promise and they knew they could trust God to keep His promise.

And in the end, God kept His promise to Caleb and Joshua as they were the only two spies of the original 12 who conquered the land of Canaan. Caleb and Joshua listened to God and put their trust God no matter what.

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How to Trust God No Matter What Happens 2

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