A photo of a sad woman sitting on the couch with a text overlay of 4 Steps to Win the Fight Against Discouragement.

4 Steps to Win the Fight Against Discouragement

I read it almost every day on social media. So many women are mentioning how discouraged they are. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, how long you’ve been a Christian or where you live. The enemy is attacking and you need to hold your ground in the fight against discouragement.

A photo of a sad woman sitting on the couch with a text overlay of How to Win the Fight Against Discouragement.

You are not alone. 1 Corinthians 10:13 tells us that temptations are common to all of us. Discouragement is a temptation to act defeated, or live without hope.

So do not be discouraged. I fight against discouragement, too, sometimes every day. And I want you to know that there is a way to beat discouragement which I want to share with you today.

Please know this that no matter how discouraged you are, you don’t have to give up. Don’t let yourself be crushed by that steamroller of defeat. Come on, stand with me as I encourage you to hold your ground!

It’s time to stand strong together to fight against discouragement as we learn how to handle discouragement.

4 Steps to Fight Against Discouragement

Here are some basic steps to get you started in winning against the effects of discouragement. Jesus said in John 14:1 “let not your heart be troubled…” which is a great way to say “trust Jesus to work it out.”

Don’t let discouragement choke you…is a great post by Jon Bloom of Desiring God.

Here are four steps to take to win the victory over discouragement.

1 – Recognize the Source of the Discouragement

Before we go any further, I would like you to take note of your surroundings. What is going on in your life that could be causing the discouragement?

Has God given you a task? In your obedience, are you now feeling discouraged? Is the task overwhelming?

Maybe you started that task in full swing, full of energy and zeal but now you feel like you have stalled. If so, that sounds familiar. I’ve been there too.

Maybe it isn’t a new God-given task that is overwhelming you. Maybe there are other external factors that are looming large over you. It could be any number of things and whatever it is, let’s change our focus so we can overcome discouragement.

Whatever the source is, God has shown me some truths about “discouragement” that I want to share with you.

  • It isn’t you.
  • It isn’t your friends.
  • It isn’t even your task.
  • And it certainly isn’t God.

It is from an external source and his name is satan. He has targeted you for failure.

Satan’s objective is to kill, steal and destroy (John 10:10) and he is using every tactic he knows to defeat you. Discouragement is a popular weapon of choice that he uses against God’s children.

Don’t let him win. Do not give him an inch of your ground, the territory that God has given you, the task that you have been entrusted with.

Hold your ground and fight against discouragement!

2 – Encourage Yourself in the Word

Before we talk any further, let me remind you that to win the fight against discouragement, you will need to encourage yourself in the Word of God.

Read your Bible daily or as often as you can. One chapter a day will allow you time to meditate on what you’ve read as you hear from God through His Word.

Spend time studying the Bible, either on your own or in a group study. If you are unable to study in a group setting, you may want to consider joining my online study group over in the DIG Bible Study Community that I host.

Another great discipline you could try is writing out whole books of the Bible. This is something we do in our DIG Community as well.

Here’s a great handout, a collection of 21 Bible Verses about Trusting God in Difficult Times that you can print out and keep handy in your Bible.

Trusting God is vital in the fight against discouragement. You won’t be successful in the battle if you don’t trust God.

Another thing you can do is take control of your thought life. Your mind is a battlefield for negative thoughts and as you meditate on the Word of God, you will gain control over thoughts that want to consume you.

3 – Put on the Armour of God

The hardest part is recognizing the enemy is after you. Sometimes it can be days before you recognize what is happening. Are you nodding your head at this?

The more often you recognize what is happening, the sooner your response time will be the next time he comes to discourage you.

It is vital that you are aware of his tactics and you are prepared to fight against him in the spirit realm.

Recognize the enemy’s ploys and take action against him.

To fight, you need to suit up with the proper equipment. Rushing out to battle with no armour will surely get you maimed.

It’s time to put on the armour of God. (Ephesians 6:10-18)

Check your armour, ensure your helmet is securely fastened. Cinch the straps on your breastplate. Tighten the belt around your waist, and make sure your shoes are a good fit. Get a good grip on your sword. Tighten your hold on your shield and raise your sword as you stand your ground.

God has given you territory to defend. That task He has entrusted you with needs to be completed for His glory. That overwhelming thing that threatens to choke you needs to be defeated for His glory.

A photo of a sad woman sitting on the couch with a text overlay of 4 Steps to Win the Fight Against Discouragement.

It is time to defend your territory. Do not retreat. Did you realized that the armour is forward facing? It is meant for you to face the enemy in battle as it protects your front. Hold your ground as you stand firm in the fight against discouragement.

Ephesians 6:10-18 tells us four times, not once or twice but four times to ‘stand’ and ‘withstand’.

Stand against the wiles of the enemy. Put on the whole armour to withstand the enemy and having done all, remain standing. Stand, therefore, with your armour on securely as you fight against discouragement!

4 – Prayer, the Ultimate Spiritual Weapon

Prayer and praise are excellent spiritual weapons that we have been given. The enemy is defeated when we praise God in worship and adoration.

And when we pray to Almighty God, battles are won!

AND when you use the Word of God in your prayers, you have intensified them. God will honour His promises – His Word, and therefore you will arise the victor in Jesus’ name!

Are you ready to win the battle of discouragement? If so, pray this prayer with me:

Father God,

You have given me all authority to use the name of Jesus so, in the name of Jesus Christ and by the will of Almighty God, I come against the wiles of the enemy. I stand my ground, I defend the territory, the vision, the task that You gave me.

I stand against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

I come against satan and your demonic forces. I stand in the name of Almighty God, creator of heaven and earth. I push you back to the pit of hell.

You CANNOT have my territory. You CANNOT have the vision God has given me. You CANNOT have the dream that God has birthed in me. You CANNOT have me.

This overwhelming thing you have placed around me, designed to defeat me, will not prevail.

I belong to God and with every breath, I will worship Him and Him only and I will fight against the discouragement that you have heaped upon me. 

I rebuke you, satan, and I stand against you.

In the name of Jesus, I stand against you. I command you to flee, to run from me. I resist you in Jesus’ name.

In the powerful name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.

If you prayed this powerful prayer with me, which are words the Holy Spirit gave me to fight against discouragement, believe that the power of the name of Jesus prevails and that you have stood your ground. You have kept the territory that God gave you.

Keep your armour on. Satan may be back to try another tactic, recognize it when it comes against you. Remain standing, and having done all, stand.

Did you want a copy of this prayer to fight against discouragement? Tuck it in your Bible or keep it handy when you need to pray it again.

My Prayer for You

I want to pray for you now, that you would have a blessed and fruitful day. That you would sense the presence of God surrounding you and in you and through you. His anointing to be all over you, that it would flow steadily and you would walk in wisdom and discernment. Let me pray:

Father God, I pray for my dear sister who is reading these words. Lord, You see her, You know her. You know her heart and mind and see how much she loves You and desires to serve You as Your consecrated servant. Oh, Father God! She has battled the enemy today. She has won the fight against discouragement.

Keep her strong, Lord. Keep her aware of the enemy’s tactics. Keep her ready to maintain the ground You have given her.  

Father, today, may she walk in Your strength, may she sense Your presence surrounding her and keeping her in perfect peace. Fill her with heavenly wisdom, fill her with discernment and fill her with a continual anointing.

May her cup overflow with Your goodness toward her. May everything she does and touches be blessed. May the words of her mouth and all her thoughts be acceptable in Your sight, oh LORD, my God!

My Father, may the love of God shine through her, may others see Christ in her and be drawn to Jesus through her. May her ministry abound more and more. May the fruit of her lips edify and build up those to whom she speaks with.

May she walk in Your blessings today, as she goes in and as she goes out. Father God, bless my sister, Your daughter, to overflowing and may she say back to You, ‘My cup overflows.’

Thank You, Father, for hearing and answering this prayer, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

That’s a Wrap

From my heart to yours, sweet sister. May your day be filled with His purpose for you and may it be accomplished in your life as you fight against discouragement to hold your ground.

Stay strong, stay alert in the spirit realm. Be aware of the enemy’s tactics but don’t let them steamroll you.

Maintain the ground you have been given by God and when He increases your reach, expand your territory to maintain the new boundaries.

And when you hear on the news channels or in the papers that the times are terrifying, know who you are and to Whom you belong. Stand your ground as you push back the enemy.

Would you leave me a comment to let me know how you’re doing? Has God been talking to you about expanding your ministry? Are you working on that? I would love to hear what He is doing in your life.

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So, what are your thoughts about this?

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