New Blog Name, Same Mission 1

New Blog Name, Same Mission

Hey! Did you come here looking for Women’s Tabletop Friendship but found 215 Ministry instead? Well, no worries, we are one and the same! We have a new blog name now with the same purpose and mission as before.

What’s in a name? I think of the few times that God gave His children new names.

Like, Abram became Abraham. And, Sarai became Sarah. Jacob became Israel (which always confused me because the nation is also called Israel.) And then, of course, there’s Saul who later became Paul. These are just a few examples of people whom God gave new names.

New Blog Name

Sometimes new names were given by people and not God. I’m thinking of Daniel and his friends. King Nebuchadnezzar renamed them to Babylonian names.

Names are important. Names can define a person’s future. Think of Jabez. His name means ‘he makes sorrowful’ as his mother had borne him in pain. Aren’t all babies borne in pain? However, Jabez overcame his name with his prayer asking God to enlarge his territory. God honoured his request and used this one man’s genealogy to encourage others.

This blog’s former name, Women’s Tabletop Friendship, was originally chosen to invite women to sit around the virtual table as we study the Bible and become friends. That name has done well, but there is a “however” coming.

215 Ministry is the Same

Before we get to the “however” I want to remind you that 215 Ministry is here to serve. Our primary focus is to teach women how to study the Bible using the Inductive Study Method. Our purpose has been and will continue to be,

New Blog Name, Same Mission 2

This is broken down as:

Read it = the Small Chunks Bible Reading Plan. This is a three-year plan that covers the Bible one chapter at a time. Subscribers receive six emails, each containing one Volume plus journal pages and either bookmarks or prayer cards. Subscribers can also join the accountability group to help with their daily reading commitment.

Write it = the Whole Bible Book Writing Challenges. We write out whole books of the Bible prior to each study. This helps us to really take in what the Word is saying to us. Join our DIG Bible Study Community to take part in both the writing challenges and Bible studies.

Study it = we use my own Study Guides based on the Inductive Study Method. These Study Guides are free to group members and subscribers to the 215 Ministry Updates. DIG Bible Study Community members can download/print the Guide and then we take up the responses each Monday.

Pray it = there are prayer calendars that help us to pray the Word of God in our situations. These prayer calendars are available to everyone in the Public Library on this blog.

Do it = putting into action that which we have learned. Reading and studying the Word of God is good, however, we need to be transformed by what we read. Apply the truth is the last step in what we do and it is a continual step. Continue to be changed by the Word and continue to apply it in your life!

My Story, My Calling, what we believe, everything else remains the same.

The only thing new is the blog name, 215 Ministry.

Why The New Blog Name

This is the “however” mentioned above.

I had been considering changing the blog name for about eight or ten months now. Why? Because of the Facebook page Women’s Tabletop Friendship and what has been happening there that no one sees.

I have been getting a lot of personal messages on the FB blog page. Most were legitimately from women asking for prayer or help with Bible studies or something. Then there were the many men who messaged me wanting women friendships.

Not only women friendships but much more than that. These men were from India and Pakistan and other Asian countries wanting “old woman for much more”. Excuse me?! I banned these men and deleted the conversations as I wanted nothing to do with that!

It seems to me they were doing a search on FB for “women” or “friendships” and my blog page would show up every time. This is not good!

At first, the messages weren’t that often, then it began to pick up speed and wow, two or three a day for several days in a row. Then I wouldn’t hear anything for a long while then it would start up again.

After many months of these messages increasing in frequency, I talked with God about changing the blog name. In fact, I talked with Him twice about it and the second time, He gave me the go-ahead to make the change.

So, the blog itself has the new name and now Facebook approved the name change request, praise God!

Choosing the 215 Ministry Name

So, as I was talking with God about what name to change to, I had really liked the name “WIT and Wisdom”. WIT stood for Walking in Truth. However, this domain was not available. So, the fun began as God and I would talk back and forth about potential names.

I suggested the name “Faith and Grace” and other names but none were available. Then the LORD gave me the idea of using a Bible reference for the name.

So I thought of my favourite Psalm, Psalm 139 but the content of that Psalm didn’t relate to my blog’s purpose.

Then God popped a verse in my mind…study to show thyself approved unto God! I quickly looked up the full verse and voila, 2 Timothy 2:15 says Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

As I examined this verse, it seemed to fit my blog’s mission perfectly. This verse stands for the blog name of 215 Ministry. When I looked at my landing page that I designed several months before, I had that same verse right there, front and center!

That’s a Wrap

So, the focus and purpose of this blog ministry remain the same. We continue to teach women how to study the Bible using the Inductive Bible Study Method. We continue with the DIG Bible Study Community that contains a private group for the Small Chunks Bible Reading Plan Accountability group.

It’s a name change that I feel better suits our blog purpose using 2 Timothy 2:15 as the basis of 215 Ministry. I hope you like the new name!

Do you think the new name better suits this ministry? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

New Blog Name, Same Mission 3

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  1. I love it! All of it. Your purpose, your method, and your heart for God’s Word. Thank you for persevering in your ministry in spite of the enemy throwing stumbling blocks in your path. God bless you as you continue directing women to dig deep into Truth.

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