October is Pastor Appreciation Month 1

October is Pastor Appreciation Month

Oh my! It’s that time of year again when many of us remember at the last minute that it is Pastor Appreciation Month. That means it is October. For us Canadians, it is also Thanksgiving. I love October with the leaves changing colour, the spectacular scenery in neighbourhood gardens and yards and the back mountain roads too. It’s a great time to express thanksgiving for everything we have including our church leadership.

Thank you, Pastor, for all you do!

While I have been thinking about how to show appreciation to our wonderful pastor, I know that there are two simple words that would mean a lot to him. (I say “him” because our pastor is male but if you have a female pastor, then replace that with the correct pronoun.)

As well, you may also think of missionaries, associate pastors, youth pastors, worship pastors and children’s ministry pastors who you want to honour in addition to the senior lead pastor in your church. All these people serve God in an area of ministry that is often underappreciated. Let’s change that by using these two words …thank you.

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Thank You, Pastor!

Thank you, Pastor, for all you do for us as a church body.

We appreciate your sermon on Sunday. You inspire us to draw closer to God. Thank you for sharing what God places on your heart.

Thank you for praying for us and often praying with us.

Your sensitivity to the needs of the congregation, your flock that you have been given charge over, is very much appreciated.

We appreciate it when you think of the women in the congregation, of those who are getting older and in need of help. Thank you for ensuring that someone is reaching out to them.

Thank you for thinking of those who are hurting and wanting to help ease their burdens. You intercede in prayer, often on your knees, as you engage in spiritual warfare. You care so deeply for us. Thank you!

We love how you desire to hear from God and how He speaks to you. We love how you share those moments with us. We love how you are sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit and especially love that you desire to obey Him, no matter what.

We love that you love spending time with your family. That is a great example for us as we endeavour to minister to the needs of our own families. We also love that you encourage husbands and wives to take time together as a couple. Marriages are fragile and need strengthening and you help us to stay focused on things that matter.

We love how you love your wife and honour her as your helpmate. Your example of loving her follows the words of Paul for husbands to love their wives as Christ loves the church.

When we see you on your knees in worship to God, that encourages us and helps us to step out of our comfort zone and express to God what we feel in our hearts. Thank you for being an example for us to follow. Just as the Apostle Paul mentioned that believers should follow his example, we follow your example.

Here’s an idea: The sentiments, above, would make great handwritten notes in cards. Purchase several cards and write these sentiments in them and give them to members in your congregation to send or give to the Pastor.

10 Awesome Ideas to Show You Care

We love our pastor, do we not? So, how can we show them some love? Here are some ideas that can be done individually or collectively as a church or a few groups.

  • Gift cards are always appreciated. If you know their favourite restaurant, gift them with a card for dinner for two.
  • Organize the church to bring in offerings from their gardens. Fresh vegetables and fruit are always welcome! An alternative is to shop at local farmers’ markets. You’ll find an abundance of seasonal bounty.
  • Does your pastor have a young family? Then gift the pastor and his wife with a date night kit. This includes babysitting services which include supper for the kids while mom and dad enjoy a quiet dinner for two and an overnight stay at a great hotel! Bless their marriage with this gift idea.
  • Organize several families or the church as a whole to provide six months or a year’s worth of fuel for their vehicle. What a blessing that would be!
  • Send over a set of coffee mugs for the whole family along with a great hot chocolate mix for the kids and a great brand of roasted coffee grounds for mom and dad. Don’t forget to include marshmallows for the kids.

Would you like the rest of the ideas? Click here to download your FREE printable from the Public Library on the blog!

Free Printable Included | Pastor Appreciation Ideas | Appreciate your Pastor | Build and Uplift your Pastor

As these ideas spark your creativity and imagination, feel free to implement what the Lord is inspiring in your heart. Don’t let it stop when the calendar turns to a new month. Continue throughout the year, showing your appreciation for both your Pastor and his beloved wife.

As always, I invite your comments. Do you have any other ideas that you would like to share with me? I’d love to hear from you!

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4 thoughts on “October is Pastor Appreciation Month

  1. I love this, Cindy! I’m a pastor’s wife and it truly means so much when the people in our church take the time to thank my husband and share their love. We all need reminders that what we do matters! So I’m grateful you are encouraging this and I love the sweet words you share to your pastor. I hope and pray he is blessed by it!

  2. wanda

    this is a wonderful site. Sharing Christ and sharpening others in Christ is vital to ones life.
    thank you for sharing
    wanda k

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