The ACTS Way: Pray the Word 1

The ACTS Way: Pray the Word

Are you seeking a more inspired prayer time with God but you don’t know what to pray? Do you want to enter that place in the Holy of Holies but aren’t sure how to get there? I can help you with that with this free printable of Powerful Breakthrough Verses to Pray the ACTS Way! This is based on the ACTS Prayer Model: A Simple Prayer Routine.

ACTS Way of Praying | Prayer | Pray the Word

Have you heard of the ACTS Prayer Model? If not, it is a prayer system incorporating the acronym A – C – T – S which stands for


The Problem

Sometimes when we come into God’s throne room, we simply don’t know what to pray.

Often that can cause us to feel like we are saying the same thing over and over and not really getting anywhere. After a while, we just leave quietly without having touched the heart of God,

Oh, how we want to enter that place where our spirit meets with His Spirit!

The Solution: Pray the ACTS Way

If you have not prayed using the ACTS Prayer method, I encourage you to give it a try.

It’s quite simple, really, as you follow the acronym for ACTS. You express yourself in adoration to Him, followed by confessing your sins and wrongdoing. This point is important as you want to have no walls between you and God. This is the place where your sins are forgiven and any accusations the enemy thought he had against you, are wiped out by the words “you are forgiven.”

When you have completed your confession to God, it is really easy to move into the attitude of thanksgiving. You have so much to be thankful for and forgiveness is one of them.

When you are finished expressing your thankfulness, move into the last part which is your supplications or requests.

What did you notice?

Because you have spent quite some time focused on God, His attributes, His mercy and forgiveness and are thankful for all He had done for you, you will notice that the focus of your requests are less ‘me’ and more for others.

You can also add another element to your prayers by beginning them with “Thy will be done.” This also takes the focus off of self and places it on desiring the will of God.

As you sense in your spirit that you have met with God and He has heard your prayers, you will feel blessed to have been in His presence. It will be an experience that you will want to repeat again and again as you covet your time with Him.

ACTS Way Free Printable

I would LOVE to give you this handy list of Scripture verses. It will be a big help to you with praying the ACTS way. Choose as many or as few verses from the list to help you flow from section to section as you open your heart to God.

It’s in the Public Library on the blog but you can click here to download this PDF file.

ACTS Way of Praying | ACTS Model | Pray the Word

That’s a Wrap

Would you come back here and let me know how your prayer time went? I’m expecting great things for you. You may feel awkward at first but it won’t be long before ACTS becomes natural to you. I KNOW you will love it!

May you be blessed as you spend time in Father’s presence!

Do you already pray using the ACTS Prayer Model? If so, how do you like it? Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear from you!

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