This Simple Bible Reading Plan is Perfect for You! 1

This Simple Bible Reading Plan is Perfect for You!

Hey! I’m so glad you are here with us today as we join hands and hearts around the virtual table! Let me ask you, does the idea of a one year Bible Reading Plan seem daunting to you? If you could find a reading plan that is longer yet shorter, would you go for it?

I know you want to read your Bible every day but with kids, housework, after school activities, babies, mealtimes, and everything else, it’s just overwhelming and you can’t seem to get it done. I have something you may be interested in. It is a simple Bible Reading Plan that will get you in the Word every day. 

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In my heart of hearts, I know you want to read the Bible from beginning to end. I also know you find it hard to set aside the time to read the required chapters in the 90-Day Bible Reading Plan or even a one year plan. That’s anywhere between 3-4 chapters per day (one year plan) up to 10 or more chapters for the 90-Day Plan.

That’s a lofty goal for many and often unattainable for the busy woman.

Small Chunks Bible Reading Plan

The idea that God gave me a few months ago that I have been working on is this…divide up the reading plan into small chunks, hence the name, Small Chunks Bible Reading Plan. This will help you read the Bible every day and is perfect for the busy woman!

This simple Bible reading plan covers one chapter per day though there are a few shorter chapters put together the odd time. This is attainable, would you think?

To help you out, I have developed a plan that covers three years and is provided in small chunks of 26 weeks per Volume for a total of Six Volumes.

How the Small Chunks Plan Works

Each Volume is available for immediate download providing you with the entire 3-year Bible reading plan. Each time you download one of the Volumes, print the reading plan and accompanying files. Store them in a binder for when you are ready for them.

Not only will you receive six reading plans, but each Volume is comprised of:

  • 1 reading plan
  • 3 journal pages (for jotting down thoughts as you read)
  • set of 4 bookmarks or 4 prayer cards or 4 praise cards or 4 memory verse cards or 2 posters suitable for framing

Does this excite you? Is this something you can manage with your busy schedule? If so, why not subscribe now to receive Volume 1 immediately. Then each week you can expect the next Volume until you have received all six Volumes. It can’t get any easier than that!

What Others are Saying about Small Chunks

I know that we often hesitate to sign up or buy or follow through on something when we first see the offer. But oftentimes when a friend or someone else gives rave reviews, that’s enough to inspire us to get in on the deal.

Here, read what some other women around our friendship table are saying about this opportunity to read the Bible:

Wow! I have four kids ages 16, 15, and two 10-year-olds. Every year since I can remember, I have strived to read my Bible from Genesis to Revelation but I have to admit it is getting so much harder with all the extracurricular activities my family is involved in. I’m afraid I’ve gotten to the point where I just skim through the chapters. This plan of reading Small Chunks of the Bible daily is absolutely uplifting for a busy momma like me! I may even get my 15-year-old step-daughter to join me. She yearns to read her Bible from Genesis to Revelation but quickly gets behind once school picks up and soon gives up altogether. Thank you!

Sherea R

Sherea R

I just completed the DIG Bible Study Community 10-day Whole Book Bible Writing Challenge in Ephesians and it was amazing! It held me accountable to actually sit still and focus on the “Word” without multi-tasking! I am even more excited about working in the new Bible Plan, Small Chunks! This will be my first time actually focusing and finishing solely on His Word with no interruptions! Thank you for allowing me into the DIG Bible Study Community, I am excited for the release of Small Chunks!

Kim W

Kim W

As a mom of 4, small business owner with my husband, and a homeschooling mom I find it hard to get in a devotional time. I have a Bible study group I attend once a week and do my best to get my lesson done each week (directly out of God’s Word) but some weeks that is all I get done. Reading the Bible in small chunks at a time sounds like something I really could use. I need to be getting in at least one chapter a day! It seems like a small goal, but sometimes meeting the small goals can help develop better habits that will soon allow us to conquer larger goals.

Brenda C

Brenda C
A screenshot of the Small Chunks Bible Reading Plan Volume 1 with text overlay of Read the Whole Bible with this Simple Bible Reading Plan

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I would love to join the DIG Bible Study Community for the Bible study. I have been a Christian for a long time but haven’t really read the Bible. I’m often overwhelmed with what to read and how to read it. This idea of reading the Bible in Small Chunks would be perfect for me. I’m excited to take part in this!

Kristie R

Kristie R

Praise God, I love the idea of Small Chunks simple Bible reading plan. I really want to grow in my relationship with the Lord through spending time in His Presence and reading His Word. If I have a guideline I believe I will be motivated to read His Word. I love the idea and want to take part in reading in Small Chunks as it is more manageable. In the past, there was a time I could not read the Bible, a book, pray or sing no matter how much I tried. God has restored me and I want to grow in Him.

Rose O

Rose O

There you go, you’ve heard from five women who are excited about the Small Chunks Bible Reading Plan and want to begin this as soon as they can. Are you as excited as they are? Will you be joining the DIG Bible Studies Community to download your FREE 6-Volume Bundle?

Wrapping it Up

Small Chunks will help you cross the finish line of reading your Bible from cover to cover.

The Small Chunk Reading Plan is not for sale. That’s right, it doesn’t have a price tag. But it is yours if you want it. Simply join the DIG Bible Studies Community then find the Small Chunks Bible Reading Accountability group and voila, you will have access to the entire 6 Volumes! This DIG Community is hosted on my private social network and is not a part of any other social media platform.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the Small Chunks idea. Does it sound feasible for your busy life? Would you use it?

This Simple Bible Reading Plan is Perfect for You! 2

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    • I am so glad you are reading the Bible already, that is awesome! If Small Chunks works for you, then yes, you can certainly sign up to receive it in six Volumes.
      Thanks so much for stopping by today!

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