Steps for an Effective Bible Study

Steps for an Effective Bible Study

Of all the various Bible study methods available, which one do you prefer? Do you like the acronym methods like REST, SOAP, PRAISE, or APPLE? There’s even an ACTS Bible Study Method that I haven’t heard of. Either way, these methods have one thing in common and that’s digging in deep. Let me help you walk through the steps for an effective Bible study using another method not mentioned above.

Steps for an effective Bible Study
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I’m excited to be featured for a second time on Mandy and Michele’s blog as I share the details of How to Have an Effective Bible Study. We’re going to look at six study methods before we narrow down to one method that I believe will produce the most effectiveness.

If you’re ready, I’d love for you to visit Mandy and Michele’s blog with me to see what the steps are for an effective Bible study.

Let’s go there now! How to Have an Effective Bible Study. Don’t forget to leave a comment for me after you read the post! I’d love to hear from you.

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