15 Ways to Help you Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem 1

15 Ways to Help you Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

It wasn’t long ago in my daily Bible reading that I read the words penned by King David commanding readers to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. I highlighted the text as I began to think about it. David was specific in telling us to pray for his beloved city saying that those who love Jerusalem would be secure.

Have I been faithful to pray for Jerusalem? I’m being honest here and I have to say, with regrets, that I have not been obedient to this command. While I have heard of this verse during my 40 years of Christianity, I simply never took it as a command that I must be obedient to.

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Hope: Focus on God in 2021 2

Hope: Focus on God in 2021

Wow! We made it! Here we are on day 1 of a brand new year! Are you excited for the good things in store for you? I am!

So much has happened last year that didn’t go as we thought it would go but hey, it’s a new year with new beginnings! We have everything to hope for, everything to gain when we focus on God, right?

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The Dilemma: Should Christians Celebrate Christmas or Not? 3

The Dilemma: Should Christians Celebrate Christmas or Not?

Do you celebrate the traditional Christmas or the birth of the Messiah? I ask this question because there is a difference between the two. One is steeped in tradition and paganism while the other focuses on celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

Many people celebrate Christmas in the same way their parents have celebrated Christmas, with family gatherings, lots of presents and lots of food and Christmas treats with no thought of the origins of Christmas.

So, I’m asking three questions, well, make that four questions:

  1. Should Christians celebrate Christmas?
  2. Do believers know why they are celebrating Christmas?
  3. Do you celebrate Christmas focused on the birth of Jesus?
  4. Would Paul celebrate Christmas? Would Jesus?
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Pray for Your Marraige

How to Pray for Your Marriage Every Day

Did you know that the concept of marriage is on God’s heart? He loves marriages, the union of one man with one woman! The very first marriage recorded is between Adam and Eve. But today, we’re going to talk about your marriage and how you can pray for your marriage to be strengthened, to be restored, to be better than it is.

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10 Awesome Ideas for Pastor Appreciation Month 7

10 Awesome Ideas for Pastor Appreciation Month

Oh my! It’s that time of year again when many of us remember at the last minute that it is Pastor Appreciation Month. That means it is October. For us Canadians, we also celebrate Thanksgiving this month. I love October with the leaves changing colour, the spectacular scenery in neighbourhood gardens and yards, and the back mountain roads too. It’s a great time to express thanksgiving for everything we have, especially our church leadership.

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