Top 10 Commonly Misused Bible Verses 1

Top 10 Commonly Misused Bible Verses

I’m guilty. In the past, I have misused Bible verses in conversation and while praying for others. I have shared memes that have single verses designed to encourage the reader. Not that this is bad, but it lifts up a person instead of lifting up God. Scripture is God’s Word to us. I’m thinking that it’s time we learn to handle it the way God intended!

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Girl, Study your Bible!

Girl, Study Your Bible!

Girl, study your Bible … because it’s not enough to own a Bible when its pages are closed. Take your Bible off the shelf and open it. Read it, write it and study it. The Scriptures are the inspired Word of God and you need to know what is in it!

This is in response to “Girl, Stop Apologizing” and “Girl, Wash Your Face.”

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Hone Your Observation Skills in the Book of Jude {Part 1} 4

Hone Your Observation Skills in the Book of Jude {Part 1}

Are you waiting with anticipation to start a new study? I would love to show you how we study the Bible in our study group. So if you’re considering exploring the Inductive Bible Study Method, then the Epistle of Jude is an excellent book, to begin with. It is only 25 verses, short and sweet but packed so powerfully with the truth about Standing in Battle Against False Teachers. We’ll work through this together so you won’t be struggling with how to hone your observation skills in the Book of Jude.

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7 Ways You Can Store Up Treasures in Heaven 5

7 Ways You Can Store Up Treasures in Heaven

There are all kinds of treasures such as a treasured collection of seashells, or, a collection of Royal Albert chinaware, or, photo albums of the children when they were younger. You might even treasure your bank account or position on the corporate ladder. These are all earthly treasures. Today we are going to talk about how you can store up treasures in heaven.

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3 Elements of Inductive Study 6

3 Elements of Inductive Study

Do you desire to dig deep in the Word of God but not quite sure how? Have you heard of the Inductive Bible Study Method (IBSM)? I have been using this method for over ten years now and absolutely love it!  This post will teach you the three elements of inductive study. You, too, can study deep using the Inductive Study Method! Before we read the details, do you have your coffee in hand? You won’t need your Bible at this point…

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