15 Ways to Help you Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem 1

15 Ways to Help you Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

It wasn’t long ago in my daily Bible reading that I read the words penned by King David commanding readers to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. I highlighted the text as I began to think about it. David was specific in telling us to pray for his beloved city saying that those who love Jerusalem would be secure.

Have I been faithful to pray for Jerusalem? I’m being honest here and I have to say, with regrets, that I have not been obedient to this command. While I have heard of this verse during my 40 years of Christianity, I simply never took it as a command that I must be obedient to.

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Is Humility Part of Fasting and Prayer?

Does Prayer and Fasting include Humility? Truth Revealed!

Of all the things you’ve heard about prayer and fasting, have you ever considered humility in connection with fasting?

Part 1 in the Series of Prayer and Fasting

There is a verse in the Bible that you may have read or heard before about fasting. In fact, there are several references to fasting but the one I’m thinking of right now is found in 2 Chronicles 7:14. It is about humbling yourself before God and when you do, He will hear from heaven. Believe it or not but this verse explains why humility and fasting are important!

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