Why Does God Allow Pain and Suffering?

Pain and suffering, trials and troubles. Have you ever wondered what the purpose is of adversity? Like, why do we need to suffer with sickness and disease, or why do we need to have hardships with others, especially those we love? Today, we’ll talk about all these things and answer them from the Word of Truth. God has a reason and purpose for what you are going through. You may not like it but that’s okay.

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What Happens When You are Walking in Truth?

Hey! I’m glad you’re here because we’re back with our final post in our Study on the Pursuit of Holiness series. We talked about pursuing God and learned how to “be holy as I am holy” and then learned more on the truth about holiness that will challenge us. Today’s study is focused on what happens when you are walking in Truth according to the Bible. We’ll cover what it means to walk in the truth and how walking in the truth is part of pursuing God.

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