Is the Permissive Will of God even Biblical? 1

Is the Permissive Will of God even Biblical?

I’ve been thinking about God’s will lately. I know that God has a perfect will for us, His plan that He designed for each of us from before the foundation of the earth. But my thoughts have been turning to the idea of God having a permissive will. I have heard it said from the pulpit that God has a permissive will so that got me thinking about this. Today, we’re going to look at the Bible itself to see if talks about the permissive will of God. Are you with me?

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Steps for an Effective Bible Study 2

Steps for an Effective Bible Study

Of all the various Bible study methods available, which one do you prefer? Do you like the acronym methods like REST, SOAP, PRAISE, or APPLE? There’s even an ACTS Bible Study Method that I haven’t heard of. Either way, these methods have one thing in common and that’s digging in deep. Let me help you walk through the steps of an effective Bible study using another method not mentioned above.

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Girl, Study Your Bible! 3

Girl, Study Your Bible!

Girl, study your Bible … because it’s not enough to own a Bible when its pages are closed. Take your Bible off the shelf and open it. Read it, write it and study it. The Scriptures are the inspired Word of God and you need to know what is in it!

This is in response to “Girl, Stop Apologizing” and “Girl, Wash Your Face.”

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Paul's Life & Teachings + Reading Plan 5

Paul’s Life & Teachings + Reading Plan

Have you ever wondered about the Apostle Paul? Wondered what he might have been like and if he was someone you would chum around with? We can learn much from reading about the life of Paul. He was most likely the kind of man that you would love to hate, especially if you were a believer of the Way. This post includes a sign up to receive a 14-day Reading Plan and gives you a quick overview of Paul’s life and teachings.

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How a Simple Bible Reading Plan Can Get You in the Word Every Day 6

How a Simple Bible Reading Plan Can Get You in the Word Every Day

Hey! I’m so glad you are here with us today as we join hands and hearts around the friendship table! Let me ask you, does the idea of a one year Bible Reading Plan seem daunting to you? If you could find a reading plan that is longer yet shorter, would you go for it? I know you want to read your Bible every day but with kids, housework, after school activities, babies, mealtimes, and everything else, it’s just overwhelming and you can’t seem to get it done. I have something you may be interested in. It is a simple Bible Reading Plan that will get you in the Word every day. 

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