Hope: Focus on God in 2021 1

Hope: Focus on God in 2021

Wow! We made it! Here we are on day 1 of a brand new year! Are you excited for the good things in store for you? I am!

So much has happened last year that didn’t go as we thought it would go but hey, it’s a new year with new beginnings! We have everything to hope for, everything to gain when we focus on God, right?

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35 Fun Thanksgiving Activities for the Discerning Christian in 2020 2

35 Fun Thanksgiving Activities for the Discerning Christian in 2020

Fall has either arrived or is arriving soon and you’re probably wondering what you can do for fun this year. As a believer, you want to be careful what activities you choose so you aren’t compromising your Christian beliefs in any way. And with Halloween around the corner, you’ll want to be especially careful as others are watching your testimony.

What a fun way to start this post, huh? Well, it’s true, our testimony is visible for all to see and it’s up to us to ensure that others are not confused by the messages we send, both verbally and non-verbally. So, let’s look at some fun Thanksgiving activities for the whole family as you tackle your Fall bucket list ideas.

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Discovering Your Identity in Christ 10

Discovering Your Identity in Christ

I have good news for you! You are who God says you are. You don’t need to compare yourself to anyone else any longer. So, as you look in the mirror, smile back at yourself as you are reminded that you are custom made by God Himself! Today we’re studying about finding your identity in Christ as we look at ten Bible verses about identity.

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Spirit-Led Resolutions | Resolutions vs Goals | #resolutions

What Happens When You are Walking in Truth?

Hey! I’m glad you’re here because we’re back with our final post in our Study on the Pursuit of Holiness series. We talked about pursuing God and learned how to “be holy as I am holy” and then learned more on the truth about holiness that will challenge us. Today’s study is focused on what happens when you are walking in Truth according to the Bible. We’ll cover what it means to walk in the truth and how walking in the truth is part of pursuing God.

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