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Trusting God – Letting Go of Control

For some people, trusting others comes easy. Are you like that? Or do you feel that people need to earn your trust? Are you the same with trusting God? Is it hard or easy for you? Are you able to let go of control so that God can be God in your life?

Trusting God - Letting Go of Control 2

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Let me tell you a bit about myself.

  • I was assaulted by a man at age 11
  • was scared of my father when he was drunk, age 12, and subsequently always thought my father thought of me as a woman and not his daughter
  • almost raped by a man at age 16
  • abducted by a man and had to jump out of a moving vehicle at 40 km/h at age 16
  • I loved my first husband and trusted him but the abuse in my first marriage started within two months of saying our wedding vows. I was 22 and the abuse was so subtle that it became my normal.

Trusting God would be a hard thing to do with a history like this. My teenage years were of searching for love but in all the wrong places. I became leery of men in general and wouldn’t talk with them unless I was with someone else. My relationship with my father was broken due to my parents’ divorce and our subsequent move across the country to start over again.

How The Past Affects Trust

But when I look back on my past, I see that I tended to easily trust people. No one had to earn my trust as I gave it fully, even after betrayal. Are you like that? Can you trust others after betrayal? Or has “one bad apple spoiled the whole bunch”?

My Pastor asks these questions. What exactly does it mean to “Trust God”? What happens when it seems that God is nowhere close to you or your problems? Do we still “Trust God” then? Or, maybe He is slow to respond. Those times when we say, “I need an answer right now, God!” Do we, as King Saul did in 1 Samuel 13, move ahead of God because of our impatience?

If you want answers to these questions, then this Bible study will be one of the best studies you’ll do this year! You can end your year strong as you find yourself completely trusting God for and in everything that comes your way!

Discovering Who God Is

Let’s talk about this study and what you’ll learn in it. To help you cross the finish line of trusting God completely, we need to start with the basics of understanding who God is.

One of the key truths is fully understanding the magnitude of God’s Omni-nature. He is all-knowing, all-powerful and all-present. While you may find it hard to believe that God can be everywhere at once and yet pay particular attention to you, you will need to acknowledge that God is able to do this.

Here’s a familiar verse to read again. Jesus said that He will abide in you when you abide in Him.

John 15:4 Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me.

Or how about this verse from King David,

Psalm 18:6 In my distress I called upon the LORD, and cried unto my God: he heard my voice out of his temple, and my cry came before him, even into his ears.

God is in His temple, in heaven, in your brethren and in you.

You’ll love Weeks One and Two in this study as you walk through the process of discovering how powerful God really is.

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God’s Divine Nature

Next, in Weeks Three and Four, you will learn about God’s character and nature.

When I was healing from leaving my abusive marriage, there was one song that I would sing over and over again called Faithful One. This song helped me through tough times as I would cry before Him, telling Him I trusted and depended on Him.

Here’s an excerpt from Week Four:

There is a short chorus that we used to sing called Faithful One by Brian Doerksen. The first two lines in the song are Faithful One, so unchanging. Ageless One, You’re my rock of peace. The writer, Brian Doerksen, borrowed from Scripture to compose these lyrics as he talks about God’s immutable nature, our dependence on Him, His faithfulness and steadfastness in times of trouble that leads us to place our hope in Him alone.

Make this your prayer as you worship God!

Discovering Who You Are

The fun part begins now. You have learned about God and now it’s time to learn about yourself.

Discovering who you are in Christ and learning about your destiny fits in perfectly with this study on trusting God. I love how God weaves these truths throughout several topics. Everything is connected.

Knowing your identity in Christ is important to you in so many ways. My first husband said I was “handsome, not beautiful, not pretty but handsome.” That crushed me! After that, I thought I looked like a man because I favoured my dad in looks. Do you have any idea how that affected my self-esteem?

Imagine how these verses about my identity freed me to seeing myself as God sees me.

It will be the same for you when you grasp the truth of who you are in Christ. And, not only that but also when you understand that you don’t have to compare yourself to anyone else. Here’s the truth:

You are who God says you are!

Letting Go of Control and Trusting God

As you wind up the study, you will find yourself crossing the finish line with making decisions. Will you let go of the things you have been tightly holding on to? Will you begin trusting God for your situations?

You can take baby steps with this process. Hand over one situation to God and let Him work out the details for you.

When you see God’s faithfulness in that one situation, you are learning to trust Him. Now, give Him another situation to resolve for you.

Remember the words of Paul as you give your cares and burdens to God in the form of prayers and supplications, Philippians 4:6-7. Do you want that peace that passes all understanding? Do you want to let God handle your problems no matter how big or small they are?

Just like the verse says, there isn’t anything too hard for God to handle, Jeremiah 32:17.

One more excerpt from the Foreword in the Trusting God study guide:

Part of the Title of this Bible Study is “An In-Depth Bible Study on Trusting God”. It is an in-depth study. To properly benefit, you need to be willing to search out the answers and you need to be honest with yourself. This is where Cindy shines. She asks you some really poignant questions that require more than a glib answer. This is the time to sit, to ponder, to search your heart and to allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you. By doing that, you will be well on your path to “Trusting God” by the end of the study. That is the prayer of Cindy, as the author, and me, as a Pastor, desire for you.

Wrapping Up

Without giving away the whole of this study, let’s just say that it will be amazing for you!

While this study has been completed as a group, you are still welcome to study this topic on your own. Simply join the DIG Bible Study Community to gain access to the Private Library where are the Study Guides are stored.

So, will you be joining so you can download the free 10-week Bible study to overcome your control and begin trusting God in everything?

One more Bible verse for you by King Solomon,

Proverbs 3:5-6, Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

See you in the DIG Bible Study Community!

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4 thoughts on “Trusting God – Letting Go of Control

  1. Jennifer DeFrates

    I had to learn many of the same lessons with a similar history. Thank God He never stopped pursuing my heart!

    • Cindy

      Hi, Jennifer. I’m glad He never gives up on us especially when we are broken! Thanks for reading about this new Bible Study for women. 🙂

  2. Rosie

    Letting go and giving it to God sounds wonderful but saying and thinking it and allowing him to act on our behalf is hard to do. Although it is hard for me, there’s nothing more than I’d love to be able to do.
    Thank you for sharing!

    • So true, Rosie. It is easier to say it than to do it, trusting God, that is. But it can be done! We have many testimonies of how we trusted God in difficult circumstances and looked only to Him for the resolutions and He has never failed us yet!

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